“Get a Grip!” Making Your Mustang Stick.

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by Ricardo Topete

Most auto enthusiasts tend to measure speed in a straight line, while a small percentage will also give equal importance to the turns. Successfully negotiating a tight, hairpin turn at full gallop provides a thrill that is hard to beat.

Having the steering wheel cranked with the rear tires in a controlled slide, feathering the throttle to maintain just enough grip, all the while flirting with the laws of physics. Yes, that is my definition of automotive euphoria. This month, we examine some simple and effective ways to make a car stick to the road.

There are multiple factors that will determine a car’s ability to hold the road during hard cornering: chassis rigidity, suspension, steering, tires, etc. Out of all those variables, tires have the most profound effect on a car’s ability to stick to the tarmac. It seems logical, as tires are the only communication that a car has with the road. Sharp handling can only be achieved if there is sufficient grip by the car’s tires, otherwise with a lack of traction, the car will simply slide.

Modern, high-performance street tires are full of compromises. They are designed to meet many criteria, such as traction, grip, life span, ability to channel water, resist heat, provide good ride quality and keep road noise to a minimum. Naturally, because all street tires must do all of the above reasonably well, they don’t excel in any one area.

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