Irresponsible Driving Taints Mustang Week

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Mustang Week

Nothing pisses me off more than knuckleheads who spoil a good thing for everyone else.
Take, for example, the idiots who’ve been tainting the image of Mustang Week with some of their irresponsible driving antics that have wound up on YouTube, which The Mustang Source covered here earlier.
“I was sad really because we try to get people together and have a good time and enjoy the beach, but then we have a couple people [who] have no respect for the law, no respect for individual safety,” said Rodney Melton, founder and president of Extreme Productions Inc. That’s the company that puts on the Myrtle Beach event. 
According to the report, police issued dozens of citations during the Mustang rally, including eight for reckless driving, eight for speeding, and 18 for improper starts, but most were not on the grounds of the official event, note the organizers.
Mustang Crash
The incident that has gotten the most attention is one where the driver of a Mustang loses control of the car into oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the road after doing a burnout.
Now, I’m certainly not against people enjoying their Mustangs, but it’s when that fun puts others in danger where I draw the line. 
There are usually enough sanctioned events at festivities like Mustang Week for one to show off all that horsepower in a much safer environment.

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