Light Up Mustang Stained Glass

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Mustang Light Up Stained Glass
Look, we’re not sure where your wife would allow you to put something like this, but that’s only proves that this thing is awesome.  A Boss 429, a ’68 fastback and a ’68 1/2 convertible sit in front of the Mustang logo and the American flag. All it needs is a bald eagle soaring over the horizon to make this the greatest homage to American muscle ever set in glass.
It’s a handcrafted, back lit, stained class masterpiece that would be perfect in a garage, bar, bedroom, where ever. At 22″ by 10-3/8,” it’s pretty big as well. It comes fully assembled with a hanging device and a certificate of authenticity from the Badford Exchange. Of course, something as cool as this is a limited edition item, so don’t be surprised if they run out before you’re able to jump on them.
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