Modern Boss 302 Build Makes a Great Car Even Better

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Mustang Boss 302

The Mustang Boss 302 is an awesome car, no matter what the generation. But with a few mods, you can make it even better.

The original Mustang Boss 302 is nothing short of a legendary car. One with such a stellar reputation that it’s unfair to expect any re-creation to live up to it. But Ford built one heck of a car when they brought the Boss 302 back to life in 2012. One that accurately captures the essence of the purpose-built original. But like anything in life, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little better.

Just take HeLLFiRe xx‘s 2013 Boss 302, for example. Shortly after acquiring the car new, he didn’t waste any time making it his own. And he was kind enough to share the progress of the build with us in this thread.

“Just some pics of my new wheels, tires, and suspension. Wheels are matte black Forgestar F14s, 20×11 with 295/35 INVOs and 20×9 with 255/35 INVOs. Car is dropped with H&R Supersports. Roush open lower grille, Calispec fog lights, RTR license plate surround, RTR decklid panel, and Roush front lip on the way!

I also did BMR lower control arms, upper control arms, lower control arm relocation brackets, and an adjustable panhard bar. The car handles AND hooks better than factory, and it is on the ground. Win win.”

Mustang Boss 302

Needless to say, the feedback from other members is overwhelmingly positive.

“Best looking Boss I’ve seen yet,” says 1slow67.“I really like the way the CDC grille looks on it.”

“Looks pretty badass to me,” adds mk70ss. “Well done my man.”

“Holy hell, the car looks absolutely sick,” admits Tanner05.“I like the Boss grille a tiny bit more than the CDC, but it still looks great. Damn. On another note, I’m jealous. I’ve been looking for a place to get pics of my car with a train. These pictures did not help that.”

Mustang Boss 302

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. This is clearly one of the nicer late-model Boss 302 examples we’ve come across. But it’s also just one of many awesome builds here in the Mustang Forums. Be sure and check them all out by heading over here. And if you’ve got a sweet Mustang of your own to show off, start your own thread and show us what you’re working with.

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