Morphing Mustang Ad Spot Ends with a Twist

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Marcus Slater
Mustang Forums

Ford’s new ad spot for the 2013 Mustang is three parts cool, one part kinda creepy. The Mustang drives through the streets of New York shape taking on the appearance of pedestrians who care to look at it. It’s a cool effect with the paint crawling over the car as it transforms, until you get to the little ballerina. I won’t spoil it, but if you’ve seen Black Swan you might have a similar reaction. Ballerina will never be the same.

Still, the video has upsides. The first being the model in the black and red. The second, being the 2013 Boss 302 in green. Even that kid on the bike looked ready to trade in his iPod and messenger bag for that lean, green v8 sledgehammer.

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