Racer Justin Bell Customizes his First Ford Mustang

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It looks like British racecar driver Justin Bell has picked up on what most of us already knew – when it comes to pulling off a cool customization project, nothing beats the beloved Mustang.

Making the jump into the world of custom cars, Bell teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports, known from MTV’s “Pimp My Rides,” to trick out a 2014 Grabber Blue manual Mustang GT to add to his personal collection.

The custom project, captured by the Motor Trend Channel, included adding racing stripes, a lowered performance suspension, a body kit, and a louder exhaust.

“If you think about it, customizing your own Mustang is quite a special thing,” say Bell on an episode of Motor Trend’s “World’s Fastest Car Show.”  Yup, we agree, which speaks to why the Ford pony car is one of the most heavily customized vehicles on the planet.

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