Rumor and Speculation: 2015 Mustang Swapping V6 for I4

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Marcus Slater
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With the 2015 Mustang being a completely new model, the rumor mill has been kicked into high gear about what kind of engine the car will get. The GT will likely receive a variant of the Coyote 5L V8 that we’ve all come to know and love, but there hasn’t been much noise about what kind of power the base model will be getting. Until now, we’ve kinda assumed that it’d be powered by a V6. Thanks to the Focus, however, that might not be the case any longer.

Car mag AutoExpress spoke to Ford regarding the new Focus RS. Should the next gen RS get the go ahead, it’ll likely be powered by a 2.3L ecoboosted four-cylinder. However, in order for this new engine to be viable, it’s likely that it’ll have to be sold in other cars as well. That’s where the Mustang comes in.
At 330hp, the ecoboosted four would actually fit the bill quite nicely. In addition, the lightness and efficiency of a turbo-4 over the V6 would likely improve Mustang’s mpg while giving it a boost in power. It makes a good candidate for a base model engine, even though Mustang purists might balk at the idea of being classified as a four-cylinder. Of course, those would be the same people who forget how fast the original 2.3L turbo fox bodies actually were. When they weren’t blowing up, I mean.
Whatever it ends up being, there’s little chance the Mustang will lose power or become a worse car for it. Though, what it might end up being is less of a “pony-car” and more of a sports car. The addition of an IRS (as seen in the spy photos) speaks to this.
Does a turbo 4-cylinder sound like a good idea to you? Head to the forums to discuss!

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