Mustang GT 390 Rescued After Decades of Rusting in the Dirt

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New owner had been looking for a 1967 Mustang GT 390 in the area for four years prior to buying this barn find.

We all dream of finding that one special car in a barn somewhere, one that, no matter how bad off it is upon discovery, we would go to great pains to return to its former glory, if not better than before. All we need is enough cash, enough hands, and enough time to make the dream come true.

Wayne Kaiser is such a dreamer. For four years, he had been on the hunt for a 1967 Mustang GT 390. According to Hot Rod, Kaiser had found his car all along, but had to wait for everything to come together for him to get it.

1967 Mustang GT 390 Barn Find

As he explains, four years earlier, he had heard about an original-owner ’67 GT 390 fastback with a four-speed up for sale from a group of his “so-called” friends. Said “friends,” however, were wanting the car for themselves, but weren’t in big a hurry to buy. Finally, Kaiser called them out, stating that if they weren’t going to buy theĀ Mustang GT 390, they needed to tell him where it was so he could see for himself.

1967 Mustang GT 390 Barn Find

Alas, none of his alleged friends would give up the goods. Thus, Kaiser asked around for more details on the whereabouts of the GT 390, but to no avail. In July 2018, however, a good friend had news about a 1967 Mustang GT 390 fastback with four-speed that was being sold by the wife of the now-deceased owner. The friend told Kaiser that they knew where the car was and knew the family. An appointment was set, and Kaiser was on his way.

1967 Mustang GT 390 Barn Find

What Kaiser found was a “rustier than heck” GT 390 with 43,000 miles on the odometer and 45 years of neglect all over. As explained to him, the former owner was a truck driver and farmer who had bought the car new, raced it a few times, then parked it because of a ticking lifter. The owner “removed the rocker covers and pulled the lifters, out,” then called it a day for the rest of his life.

1967 Mustang GT 390 Barn Find

Kaiser asked the wife how much she wanted for the GT 390. Upon hearing the best offer she received was $5,000, he dropped $7,500 to great success, becoming the new owner of the Mustang. Though the condition of the car could have been worse, the majority of the car was in excellent shape. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do to bring this GT 390 back to life.

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