Shelby Cobra Superperformance Roars with 427ci Roush Mill

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Modern Cobra packs lots of power, great sound and drop dead gorgeous looks. What more could you possibly want?

There’s no arguing the fact that the original Shelby Cobra has spawned the most successful kit car of all time. For decades, those who covet a Cobra have had dozens of options in terms of reproduction bodies. But for those truly discerning folks who want something a little better, there’s a company called Superperformance. An outfit that builds brand new, high-quality Shelby Cobras to your personal specifications.

As you might imagine, however, this level of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap. Though not nearly as expensive as an original Cobra, the Superperformance models still command six figures and up. So if you’re looking to score a killer Shelby Cobra repo at a bit of a discount, this used example from Youtuber TexasBestMotorcycles might just be your best bet.

Shelby Cobra Superperformance

Superperformance Cobras are available with a host of engine and transmission options, but this gorgeous blue ride comes equipped with perhaps the best – a 427 cubic-inch, fuel-injected Roush motor. That monster of a mill is backed up by a proper 5-speed manual transmission.

Shelby Cobra Superperformance

The rest of the Shelby consists of similarly top notch equipment. Things like Wilwood brakes, Halibrand knock-off wheels, custom ceramic-coated exhaust, and loads more. And at least in our humble opinion, it also wears the perfect paint combo. After all, is there anything better than a blue Shelby Cobra with white stripes? We think not.

Shelby Cobra Superperformance

This much power in the lightweight Cobra chassis obviously means this thing is an animal to drive, too. It sounds incredible, looks amazing, and goes like nobody’s business. And at the end of the day, what more could you possibly want from a car?

Shelby Cobra Superperformance

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