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boss-engine.jpgA Mustang supercharger is one of the best ways to boost power and help your engine run better. Though supercharger kits can get pretty costly, there are superchargers out there that won’t break the bank, while still delivering excellent performance enhancement.

Before you start looking for a supercharger, you need some basic information about your Mustang. Locate and write down your:

    -Engine Type
    -Engine Size
    -What You Want to Spend
    -What You Want Out of Your Supercharger

Finding the right Mustang supercharger means looking for the supercharger that fits your year. The years available include:


These spans indicate when changes were made to the engine and therefore the fit of a supercharger. Because Mustang superchargers vary by years, prices can vary too. Always watch for sales and compare shipping costs if you’re shopping online.

American Muscle

American Muscle provides some of the best products in the world for muscle cars of all makes, models and years. They offer a variety of Mustang supercharger kits including everything you need to supercharge your Mustang in a day. If you need help with installation, they even offer instructions and technical assistance. Kits start at $3500 MSRP.

Mustang Parts Cheap is a user-powered auction site offering some of the best prices on top-of-the-line Mustang superchargers. Though with an auction based site the product and prices fluctuate, supercharger kits as low as $1500 have been reported. When bidding on an online auction, research the site and seller to ensure you’re working with a credible seller. Make sure the site offers some form of mediation in the event the seller doesn’t send out the item you purchase. Also check item descriptions carefully to make sure you’ll be receiving everything you need to install your supercharger. Ask the seller questions if needed.

Superchargers Online

Superchargers Online is a credible company selling a wide variety of superchargers online at an affordable price. Because they offer such a wide variety of superchargers for Mustang’s from well-known and respected companies, you will have options you may not have through other supercharger retailers. You can find Mustang superchargers available from:

    -Magna Charger
    -Vortech VTS

Because of the variety of companies, models, years and engine types the price of your supercharger kit can range dramatically. On Superchargers Online you can expect to pay around $3000 and up. Shipping rates are not included. Warranties come with all kits and customer service is available to answer questions before, during and after your purchase.

Regardless of the model, year and engine type of your Mustang, you can find a Mustang supercharger to fit your needs. Superchargers add power, efficiency and up the “cool” factor to an already coveted sports car. While a supercharger won’t save you any money at the gas pump, it will take your car to another level. Whether you’re looking for a supercharger to head out on the track or just impress your friends, these kits are an easy, cost-effective way to do all that and more.  

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