The Next SVO Mustang?

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Ford Motor Company’s EcoBoost is nothing more than a “green
name” for twin turbocharging and direct injection, just in case you didn’t
know.  However, like previous TT setups
that were geared strictly towards performance, the goal of the EcoBoost is to
offer V8 performance with V6 economy. 
This project has proven to be successful, as EcoBoost engines are
currently available in the Lincoln MKS and Ford Flex, but there are a great
many rumors about the EcoBoost 3.5L TT V6 finding its way into the new F150
(these rumors are supported by discussions with several Ford reps who have
driven EcoBoost F150s). 


So, that has to make you ask…why not the Mustang?  Of course, the Mustang should always feature
an American V8 as the premium engine option, but should the rumored 5.0L engine
in the 2010 Mustang make 400 horsepower, to stay abreast the Camaro and
Challenger, the EcoBoost 3.5 would make an awesome medium trim engine.  The SVO models were offered alongside a 5.0,
so the EcoBoost could become the modern day SVO, offering slightly less power
than the GT (possibly 340 compared to 400), and at the same time, the “New
Mustang SVO” would be more fuel economy friendly than the more powerful Mustang


So, tell us what you think…should Ford offer an EcoBoost

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