Ford Mustang Pre-GT: Precursor to a Legend

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Caspian Blue 1965 Mustang Fastback has the GT goodies minus the badges and the branding.

This video review of a 1965 Ford Mustang “Pre-GT” comes to us from the YouTubers With the help of Michael from the father-and-son team of classic car experts at, we learn all about the “Pre-GT” followed by a look at the early performance model on the move.

Meet the Pre-GT

The video begins with channel host Michael giving us a rundown of the first generation Ford Mustang, the arrival of the GT package in April of 1965 and the vehicles that came beforehand with the same options as the GT. Those cars with the GT options prior to the introduction of the GT have become known as “Pre-GT” models, as they have all of the key components without the GT badging.

1965 Ford Mustang Pre-GT

For example, the gorgeous Caspian Blue 1965 Ford Mustang fastback in this video has the key features of the GT package, but having been built in January, it was simply a car with an array of go-fast options. It features the A-Code 289 V8, disc brakes, a quick-ratio steering box and the performance suspension setup, so had this car been built in July or August of 1965, it would have been a GT, but in January, it was just a beefed-up Mustang.

1965 Mustang Pre-GT Engine

This particular car also has the factory-option Cobra high-rise intake manifold and a set of aftermarket headers, so it is a little stronger than your average 1964 Pre-GT, but with options like the four-speed manual transmission, the rally pack gauges and a full shift console, this car was pretty much loaded.

1965 Mustang Pre-GT on the Road

Driving Caspian Blue

After Michael gives us a look at the 1965 Ford Mustang, he fires it up and lets us hear the healthy grumble of the lightly-modified 289-cubic inch V8.


From there, it was only to the open road, where he put the Pre-GT through its paces with nothing but good things to say. He even makes one fairly hard pull through the gears, giving us a great chance to hear the A-Code V8 roar.

Mustang Pre-GT Drive

Crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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