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Default Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump install (w/pics)

This KB BAP is part of my Vortech S/C kit from Brenspeed.
There are only 5 wires coming out of the BAP;

Black Ground
Red fused
Red non-fused
Long sheathed RCA plugged wire for dial control box
Long sheathed wires for Boost/Vacuum switch

Only deviation from the KB directions is that the 2 wires that would normally go to the boost activation switch has been bypassed to be ‘always on’. This is per Brenspeed’s recommendations.

Tools required
Wire cutter/stripper/crimper
Soldering iron
Heat shrink tubing
Heat gun (or equilv.)
Electrical tape
Marker pen
Small drill and socket set
Phillips screwdriver

Install time: 1-2 hours

Disconnect the Negative lead off the battery

Remove rear panel in trunk; 4 push-pins (can be pulled with fingers) and 2 screw-in fasteners. Also remove carpet base board and set aside.

Pop the rear panel over the center latch and remove from car.

Baseline pictures showing the FPDM (Fuel Pump Driver Module) against the back wall in the spare tire stowage compartment.

Depress the release tab of the FPDM connector and remove plug

Remove electrical tape off conduit to expose the wires up to the first wire junction
Note: Exposed wire strands were there from the factory. Not sure of its purpose, so I left them as is.

Locate the most outward WHITE wire on the FPDM plug and cut midway, then strip off the insulation off each end (~1/4”)

Remove spare tire to allow more working space

Hand locate the BAP module and mark the upper 2 holes with a market pen.
Note: Module will not lay flat on all 4 corners at this location, so I chose to use the top 2 plus the lower aft hole.

Using a 7/64 drill bit (correct size for the screws in my kit, but double check with your actual included screws), carefully drill were previously marked.

Install BAP module

Attach ground terminal on ground wire and crimp. Strongly suggest to follow up with solder.
Attach ground wire to ground as shown.

Attach the 2 RED wires off the BAP to the WHITE wires off the FPDM that you cut earlier. Make sure you wire this correctly. After you do, make sure once again.
Solder wires and slip over a shrink tube for added protection.
Note: Use caution when applying heat (ie. Heat gun) to the shrink tubing. Only apply enough heat to shrink the tubing over the wires.

Locate the long sheathed wires for the boost switch. Since Brenspeed instructs to bypass the boost switch, I did not need the extra length. I cut it down in length so it’s near the FPDM wire bundle.

Note: Follow your Tuner’s advice as to whether or not the boost switch will be utilized or not. If you will be using the boost switch, you’ll need to run this wire through the interior (or under the car using the grommet right above the BAP location) into the engine bay to the boost switch. Refer to the included KB instructions (or specific instructions provided by your Tuner) for further instructions on how to hook up the boost switch.

Strip off ~1/4 to 1/2" of insulation, twist together, solder, and heat shrink.

Replace FPDM connector, conduit, apply electrical tape as necessary, and secure loose wires with tie-straps.

BAP control box
Locate the control box adjacent to the BAP module in the spare tire stowage compartment (per the illustration above) and coil the extra length of wire so it doesn’t interfere with any sharp objects.
I chose to mount the control box under the rear deck of where the speakers are. I did this just for looks as once its set, I will not adjust it again (Max at 50 for Brenspeed application).

Pop the fuse cover off in the engine bay and replace the factory fuse with the 30 amp fuse provided

Completing installation
Verify everything is connected properly.
Re-connect Negative battery lead.
Turn key to ‘ON’ position.
You should hear a faint electrical buzzing sound coming from the BAP module. It can barely be heard, so a quiet area is a must.
As you turn the dial on the control box (from min to max), the buzzing sound changes in oscillation at the same volume.
Replace spare tire and carpet base board.

Sound operation video

Installation complete!
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Default RE: Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump install (w/pics)

ah HA! caught you this time, mr. tacobill! You have an extra left hand, which is why you can do these amazing write-ups. your secret is no longer secret! [8D]

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Default RE: Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump install (w/pics)

Geez no wonder he makes it look so easy. If I had two left hands... oh, the things I could do.
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Default RE: Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump install (w/pics)

Very nice...stickied!
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Default RE: Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump install (w/pics)

nicely done! thanks bill
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found this thanks. the installer forgot to set it at 50...
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these things can happen and some don't believe in using full on but it wont hurt...can only help IMO...
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Originally Posted by UberHax0r View Post
ah HA! caught you this time, mr. tacobill! You have an extra left hand, which is why you can do these amazing write-ups. your secret is no longer secret! [8D]

Nice catch, lol
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Nice writeup. My only concern would be replacing the stock 15 amp fuel pump fuse with a 30 amp fuse. If there were a problem with the circuit the stock small wires would get fried before the 30 amp fuse kicked in.
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This is a great resource. I had to share it on
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