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Flat out
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Default Whats it worth?

I'm thinking of taking a look at this car, what do you think it's worth?, it's the right color.
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He needs to realize that mods don't do sh*t for the value.
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Flat out
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Well, he probably knows that, he's going to go for what he can, after looking at it and it checks out I might go 27k maybe 500.00 more if I have to have it, I really don't NEED two of these things, but I want a 5.0, it doesn't have to be this one, we'll see.
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worth what hes asking to the right person, it will sell imo

good mods.. good price imo, looks clean, and as long as it runs good id say its a good deal
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Old 03-26-2012, 10:53 PM   #5  
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Honestly, to me, the mods drive down the value of the car. Sure, theyre nice, but it begs the question, were they properly installed? Is there any problem with the car? For all we know, the tune is screwy and the motor has been running lean and is a ticking time bomb.

To me, the value just isnt there, especially when you're talking FI. I have never bought a used car from anyone outside my family. Im not some spoiled rich kid, but Ill pay my aunts, uncles, grandparents, or cousins blue book because I know they took care of it. The notion of buying something used like that off craigslist, with those aftermarket parts, truly scares me. If you cant go new, I would look around for a 5.0 that is stock, not only because its a clean slate but because you can safely assume that (In the worst case scenario) you havent had a weekend warrior mechanic just slapping mods on.
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He put 10K miles on it in 4 months? Sounds fishy, possible he beat the ever living crap out of it and wants to get rid of it soon. Check it for burnt rubber under the rear bumper! I feel like this thing has seen a few too many 1/4 mile passes...

Also, with all those mods I doubt any dealership will take the warranty very seriously, and I doubt you'd even want to take it to them with all those mods... Not sure if that bothers you though.
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Old 03-27-2012, 12:26 AM   #7  
grabber blue gt
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This guy is over on the SVTP.com forum. Very clean car and the blower was installed by vortech themselves. Honestly what hes asking isnt bad for what the car has done. If you could get it down to $30k I would absolutely take it. Yeah no **** mods dont drive up the value but you have to take some consideration into the fact that your buying a car with all that done.

Not sure why he is getting rid of it, but he never posted burnout pics or track numbers on the forum so the car wasnt abused to my knowledge.
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I'd bite at ~29k...just my opinion. I honestly think mods take the value down as well unless the parts installed are what you are looking to do. I want to customize the ride to my liking and what he liked may not have been what I liked. Just my opinion.
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Old 03-27-2012, 07:26 AM   #9  
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I disagree that mods decrease value. I also think that a modification adds value only when it is something specifically that the buyer is looking for. For someone who wants a 5oh, all of those mods don't mean anything. But for someone looking for a powerful turnkey car, that would be fine.

He claims it has warranty left, but I doubt Ford is going to honor it with a car modified this much, so that's out the window. But overall the car does look really clean. I wouldnt pay 33 for it...I'd consider going 28 because white is not my color. If it were gray...30 or 31.

And I want to see his dyno sheet too before I show him any cash. Ny dyno, no coin.
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Well for one thing he sucks at math. 625 to the tire ~765 at the flywheel, not 690.

And I agree with the above, mods DO add value to the car for specific buyers.
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