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Did a few mods this summer...

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Default Did a few mods this summer...

Hey all, made a few changes to the car over the season, thought I'd share some pics of the progress.

Been enjoying my 09 for the second year now. Picked it up last year for DD/cruising. The paint is a little rough, but otherwise a flawless vehicle. Previous owner was an older gentleman and the car rarely got driven. Vehicle only had an intake (Roush, no tune) and was otherwise bone stock. That summer all I did with it was enjoy it as it was, and added FR500/KR axle-back and tinted it.

Basic pic of how it looked.

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Nothing terribly exciting or different, but an upgrade as a starting platform over my previous 05 V6. I wasn't/am not in a rush to throw a bunch of money at it to make a bunch of changes at one. Much prefer doing little bits at a time and making changes slowly. After having a fairly done up 05, I just wanted to enjoy the car as is. The KR's were a fun and welcomed addition though. Some argue they are a little on the pricey side, but they seem to be in line with other quality exhaust options at that level. I've learned you certainly get what you pay for in quality parts. Exhaust sounded really good. Great tone, no drone, awesome fit, although I'd say they almost seem on the quiet side. Don't get me wrong, when you step on it they really open up but maybe it's just that I was expecting them to be louder. This isn't a bad thing though; I like to go for drives at 2am and I don't feel like these wake the neighborhood. Perfect DD mufflers, and an awesome addition to my factory exhaust system. But like I said, I hoping for a bit more volume if i had to pick something. What else to do..

Around Christmas time was cruising American Muscle and came across the Boss quad exhaust for the 3V on sale. I had always been intrigued by this system. First, its the best of both worlds, side AND rear exit. I could keep my KR's, and most importantly, this set-up is unique. I had tried to research all I could on this mid-pipe but there just wasn't a lot of people out there with it. Makes sense though; by now a lot of people have dumped money into and settled on an exhaust set up, and these pipes are relatively expensive, so your'e not going to find a lot of people running this set-up. Perfect! As with my last car, I like doing things that are maybe a little different, but still keeps the car undeniably a mustang.

Anyways, purchased the exhaust and it sat in the garage until spring. Finally take the car out and am set to get the Boss quads in. I had one little issue though. I really like the deep sound of my factory H pipe and the Boss set-up used an X pipe. I wasn't exactly hot-to-trot over this, as well, the H iis traditionally deeper and the X more raspy. When I went duals on my 05, I initially had a X pipe with the Bullet cans, but [especially with the V6] didn't really like the sound in the upper rpm's. I later took the X out and installed a pro-chamber and that thing f***ing ROCKED. Best sounding sixxer hands down. The prochamber kept a nice deep hollow sound throughout the rev range. It was a quieter setup sure, but that's also what made it good (no loud annoying v6 noise).

Needless-to-say, was not overly excited for the sound with the X pipe wit the new Boss quads. I still don't know why the 3V kit (at the time) the ONLY kit with an X pipe, where the 5.0 and SVT quad pipe systems retained an H. I suspect there was some reason the 3V kit was engineered this way though. It's also interesting to note that the quad exhaust kit Ford offers for the 15+ uses a X pipe now.

Debated chopping up the new midpipe, cutting the side-exit portions, and having them mated to the factory H. Ultimately decided against it as I didn't want to cut up this pipe I had just spent all this money on. It was made by Ford this way for a reason, so why f*** with it.

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Sorry, no pics of it installed, OR sound clip, lol. I'll get around to it one day and post it up.

Went to my exhaust guy (Preferred Muffler in Oakville, for anyone local they are AWESOME) and he had it installed for me in 2hrs. Said it was pretty straightforward but that it fit like S***. I had read about fitment issues with the 3v kit form the few that HAD done it, and yupp, its true. But buddy got er all welded in real good and its rock-solid. Mentioned over time that the flex-portions of the pipe may burn out, but its an easy fix to weld solid pipe in place. Cool. Also, my kit never came with the little exhaust-restrictor-plates, and I was a little concerned it would be too loud without them, as per other reviews. Almost bought some through Ford, and also was eyeing the electronic butterflies. You don't need either of those.

Fired er up. Awww yea, Boss quad exhaust kicks ***. Let's get this out of the way first: no drone. None. yea there is "exhaust sound" at cruising speed/rpms on the highway, but I've had flowmasters, I've had the drone; this isn't drone. Perfectly able to hold conversations in the car. These things are such a good combination with the FR500/KR axle-backs. While the side pipes aren't overly loud, they are pronounced. Driving beside highway barriers, other cars, and objects where the sound reflects off/back, is just amazing. at 2600rpm they start to come alive and scream 3400 and beyond. Downshifting is like heaven now. Burbles with the odd pop, mmmmf!! Idle is kind of quiet but I'm also on the factory tune still. I know from previous experience a tune, and then more so a dyno tune is going to make it sound a little louder and much healthier. My concerns about the X pipe are only a memory now. The quad pipes with the KRs are truly an awesome combination. Very DD-able, and they really open up when you get on it. At the same time, Cold starts when leaving for work in the morning, while pronounced, are not obnoxiously loud and coming home at 3 or 4 am I'm not worried about my car waking everyone around up. Fairly expensive set-up, but worth the price of admission. Wouldn't change a thing...although I've always wanted to mate the side pipes to another pro-chamber... hmm maybe one day.

Also put new Michelin Pilot Super Sports 235/50/15 (yea stock size) on my factory 18 inch polished wheels. There are a bunch of reviews out there on these tires, so I wont go into depth about them, but holy hell they are awesome. Between my exhaust and these tires ripping it up in the country roads is immensely fun.

Now the car was more fun to drive, sounded much better, but was still kind of boring and plain looking. Classy and elegant sure, with the Black paint, red interior and polished wheels, but it just wasn't...unique.

Long story short, got in touch with a friend and old colleague only to find out he is starting a vinyl business. I shared mystripe ideas with him and I essentially landed up paying for the cost of materials.

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I helped him put them on, and asked him how many times he'd done this. He replied "you're the first". Well then, lol. A few hours and a pizza later, and that's what we finished up with. installed them at a coin-op car wash bay too. Not friggin bad. I'm super satisfied with the results especially considering that it was the first time either of us had done this. Its actually pretty simple, it just takes time to line everything up.

So now I'm quite content with how the car is. Made some good progress with mods, and as much as I'd love to drop some coin on some suspension goodies, I'll just enjoy the car as is for the rest of the year.

Funny thing about plans, eh. I had debated on new rims, but that was going to be an expensive endeavor. Cuzz you cant get JUST wheels, you gotta drop it, and when you do that you gotta do this then that, and so-on. So I was/am slowly amassing various suspension parts for when the time comes. I had a few choices for rims, want sure what I wanted. I like the look of 20s, but I also like the feel and tire price and availability that 18s offer. I reeeealy like the 20" FR500 style wheels but I HATE the fact you cant get that front rim with any dish or lip, and at least in pictures, it just looks weird without some sort of dish. I also like the CS (67 I think) mini-lite style wheels but those are next to impossible to find, or anything like them. Also tossed around a few ideas for mesh-spoke style wheels, or even just settle for some bullit rims, and while common, are common for good reason.

Stumbled across an online add the other week, from a fellow, an hour away, parting out his '12 Boss LS. Turns out he was selling his factory wheels wrapped in Pilot Supersports. And in a rare stroke of luck (about as rare as a boss launga seca up here), he wasn't asking an absurd price at all, which is usually the case. Told him I'd be by the next day to get the wheels and tires.

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Not everyones cup of tea, but I like em. They fit with my black/red/silver theme, are Ford pieces, and are unique, you don't see them every day. I wasn't thrilled I had spent a lot of money, 3 months earlier, on brand new tires, but I WAS still getting Pilot Supersports (albit slightly used) and in much better sizes. Went from 235/50/18 all around to 255/40/19 FRONT & 285/35/19 REAR. Waaaay more grip now, and the meaty tires look awesome out back. I was skeptical but there is a noticeable difference between the 255s in the front and the 285s in the rear.

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Now I know, what kind of stupid *** picture is that, lets see more of the thing. Well that was the next issue. God damn thing sat like my 4runner. And I could't post pics cuzz that would because stock ride height on rims is terrible. I drove around in 4x4 mode for about 3 days. It handled well but christ did it sit high. Now I had a set of Eibach springs I bought online earlier, and was planning on installing them in the spring once i pick up shock/struts, camber plates etc, but I just couldn't live with that gap. But I also didn't want the car to ride like *** without aftermarket shocks. Decided just to install the rear springs for now, as that job is easy enough. Should be sufficient for the next 2 months the car is out, and I can finish up the suspension properly in the spring.

Here she is with just Eibach (Pro-kit)springs in the rear only. At least now its photo-presentable..

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Can't wait to drop the front, ugh, but good enough for me for now. Ya, I realize the wheels aren't everyone first choice, but I like that they're different. I received a lot of good feedback on them. How much was honest, I don't know or really care, but so far so good. Definitely eye-catching. On my was home today actually this red 13/14 Cali-Special catches up to me and paces me a little, I looked over to smile n nod as usual, and hes got his windows up but he appeared to be giving me the thumbs-up. I throw him a rev in acknowledgement and he gasses it ahead of me a bit rolls down his window and sticks his arm out the window giving a thumbs up. I pull up to him and see its a guy maybe 50-60, hes almost hanging out his car smiling. I give him a wave and we both turn our separate ways. Was cool. Haven't gotten the wave much really since I had my 2005. Kind of reassuring that these recent changes I made had made my car cool and unique.

Putting my Steeda street wing on over the upcoming weekend. One of the few parts a kept from my 05, (and the stereo but that's not going in this car now, haha). Debating on either red mirror caps to match the other red accents or carbon fiber caps to match the spoiler winglets. Open to suggestion.

A bit of a read, but I had done a bit of progress and never made individual threads for each mod so I figure I'd discuss a bit of each altogether.

Winter's not far off now and just going to enjoy my weekend cruises with the car as is for the rest of the year.

Keep the shiny side up out there!


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Love the fact you are making this yours, and not something I've ever seen. It looks tasteful, and I like it. Red mirror caps might be as far as I would go with the red though. Or maybe get some plain GT emblems and plastidip/paint them red? I'd definitely do a chin spoiler. Really completes the front end in my opinion. Wouldn't mind hearing a sound clip of that exhaust combo!
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whew, that was long, but I like the wheels, very cool with the black
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Yea, sorry about the long post, haha. I usually go through the forums when I'm bored at work, and I figure theres probably a few people in my situation too with some time to read. And nothing better than reading about mods & mustangs, eh.
GO07GT, yea you're probably right with the not-overdoing it on the red. I initially wanted to do red calipers if I stayed with silver wheels, but now I'm thinking if anything, gold to be different, but probably just black would be good.

GT emblems (and plastidip) will never go on my car. I fell a lot of people over-do it with getting 100 various pieces with GT all over them and slapping them on their car; and why advertise? Maybe it's from rocking my sixxer for so long. At first I really wanted to remove the 45th anniversary badges and put back my 'Powered By Ford' emblems, but I just can't bring myself to remove whats currently on there. Furthermore, ideally I would like to remove the GT emblem from the rear faux-gascap. Don't know what I would put in it's place, although I've always been partial to the Terlingua rabbit.
Chin spoiler is definitely in the future, (CDC classic please! with the splitter) but its not something thats at the top of my list.

I'll work on getting a sound clip, but like many I really only have my phone to record with and sound quality is always garbage with phone videos. When I can record a proper video I will.
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I'm with you big time on overbadging. I'd rather be subtle than over-the-top. I also agree about what you said regarding enjoying long reads. Thanks for taking the time to write all this up. The red wheels are not my cup of tea, although they do match the car well. Nice work!
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I'd make the rear spoiler red too - photoshop it, and see what it looks like.
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Good changes. Well done.
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Dude I really dig how you have made this car your own. Love those wheels on your car. Like Roy, I think a red spoiler would kill. I always wondered how that Boss quad exhaust sounded, nice your liking it. Sounds clips if possible too.
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yea man how about a sound clip
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Wow! Looking good and (in my humble opinion) tastefully done! Sounds like you got lucky with the BOSS wheels. I got lucky with BOSS wheels too! (Although mine aren't LS wheels.) I wont tell you how much I paid for these, but it was under $1000 with almost new Continental tires!

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