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stroked302 03-27-2003 12:28 PM

Ok....I lookin into buyin a 96 Cobra Sc like Bill' is the link for you guys to look at......

So here is the deal....he already sold it on ebay, and the guy put the money in escrow for him to get when he got the car....well that took like a day n between the time it left his house n got to the buyers hourse someone drove the **** out of it the wrong way, and broke the "lower crank." He said he thinks either they missed a shift bad or just reved the **** outa it for too long. SO anyway if tthe crank just broke what else would have broken?

And How much would it probally be to get it fixed? He told me he would throw in 2 extra sets of wheels too! Any ideas what i should do? I want it cause it is NICE as hell, but I also want it to be more a part of me...he built then I want to get a nice cheaper STANG to build up myself.....ANY input would be grately appriciated.



91GT5.0 03-27-2003 04:17 PM

If he broke the lower crank, that's gonna take some major work to fix. You're gonna have to pull the motor, take all the pistons off the crank, put the pistons on a new one, put it back in, plus all the other parts that are prolly weak from that kind of abuse. If you want it that bad, make sure you get a REALLY good deal on it.

P.S. Put the whole link in the post next time, none of this...crap

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