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Default Engine Misfire

I haven't posted on here in a looooong time....

I had my engine bay detailed while at work today (the guy does travels to your work parking lot). The guy told me he was going to use a steam cleaner, protect all electrical items, etc. He calls me about an hour later stating that the check engine light came on, "but the car is running fine." I went down to check it out and sure enough its mis-firing. I assume that he got water on the COP's but don't have much of a way to tell since I am at work without tools and can't pull the plugs.

My questions is this...should the water eventually evaporate and the misfire go away or does the water foul out the COP and you have to replace it? I will not be able to do a code reader until this afternoon to see what the light is telling me.
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Most likely the coil is poop. Find out which cylinder it is. Replace the coil and plug. And then send the detailer the bill
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Just take the COPs out and dry them.
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Originally Posted by WannaBeGearHead View Post
Just take the COPs out and dry them.
This. I clean my engine somewhat frequently and use a leaf blower to dry it, never had any issues (also works good for getting water out of all the little places it likes to hide when you wash your car).
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Sympton was kind of a "soft" miss up to about 2500 - 3000 RPM (manual trans & Son's car) and then it seemed to run OK or at least the problem was masked by the RPM. Throttle setting did not make any significant differrence. Started intermittingly about 4 years ago after a plug change at Dealer and was worse in damp weather. Carefully checked each COP and plug and AOK. Chased electrical as Son said He could re seat COP connectors on one bank and see short term improvement. Put in new plugs and one of the COP Boots had a very noticeable white area where spark had been jumping through. Auto Zone chap told me the COP Boots could be replaced so I bought a box of 8 for $40 and put it all back together with a lot of dielectric grease and the problem is solved. Simple cheap fix. The trick was that the COP boot must have been damaged by the mechanic but it took a while for the white spark trace to show up on the black rubber and that is why everything looked fine at the first examination. Hope this helps somebody out!
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