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Default Tune

I'm a new member and new owner of a 2011 GT. The factory tune seems to have a hesitation or "flat spot" right after the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts when driving normally. Another annoyance, is that unless I stomp the gas, the trans doesn't downshift as fast as I'd like it to and lugs the engine.

I'm definitely a hands on guy. Do you recommend a $500.00 dyno tune or a re-usable $370.00 self tune with a flash tuner.

If the answer is a flash tuner, then which one do you recommend? Some come with standard tunes, and a few come with standard tunes plus one custom tune. Is the custom tune worth it? Will my issues be solved with any of these?
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Sounds like you have an auto. Custom dyno tune is not necessary. I would get a VMP tune with an SCT hand held tuner. Do NOT use the canned SCT tune.
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Originally Posted by scottmach View Post
... Custom dyno tune is not necessary..... Do NOT use the canned SCT tune.

Most decent custom tunes are pretty close to what you can get from an average dyno tune. Some of the better tune writers are Bama, Brenspeed, VMP and Evolution. Most if not all support the SCT tuners.

The 5.0 can gain about 30-40 RWHP with a good tune as well as improved driveability and, in your case, enhanced shifting.
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Add me to the list. Although I have a MT82, the tune significantly "wakes" the lower rpm issues, especially throttle response. It pulls a lot harder through out the rpm range. I am running Steeda's 93 octane tune and could not be happier. From what all I can gather a custom tune really enhances the transmission shifting strategy. Just like the above posts, do not use the canned SCT tune. Plug and play 30-40 RWHP is nothing to sneeze at. Torque goes up about the same.
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