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Cool 2016, Cig lighter Power Issue?

So I got this dash cam, the KD Links X1, and it plugs in to the cig lighter. It can also plug in to USB. Unfortunately, my mustang will try to read the dashcam as a storage device if I plug it in that way, in this mode the dashcam won't record video as it thinks it is being connected to a computer. So I was forced to use the cig lighter adapter. And that works as it should. Except for the part where the cig lighter continues to put out power while the car is off. The dashcam turns off, but does have it's own internal battery, when disconnected from power. It continues to be on and the cig lighter adapter is still lit blue as it is receiving power.

I have tried turning the car off, getting out, locking it, and then waiting a few minutes but you can see it is still on. Interestingly enough, if I remote start the car, then power gets cut from the cig lighter and the dashcam is off. So what I have been doing is unplugging the adapter when I leave the car. And that's annoying and should be more self automated.

I'm wondering if this sounds normal to others with the S550.

My only other idea is to cut a long USB cable in half, and only solder the power wires within it together. This way the dashcam will receive power but no info. That though just feels dumb lol.

Dashcam: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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Late reply but thought I would add this info in case anyone else wishes to do a similar mod.

I just did this in my 2007...I sure as hell would not do it in a brand new 2016 but in case any one else is looking to modify their center console power port. I bought a change over relay http://www.princessauto.com/en/detai...ay/A-p8402034e , some quick splice connectors http://www.princessauto.com/en/detai...es/A-p8554354e and some butt connectors http://www.princessauto.com/en/detai...rs/A-p8226136e. Splice into a cable that you know is powered on/off with the key...in this case I used an unused plug that was there that I believe usually plugs into the auto-trans shifter on an automatic (totally lucked out since it's so close). Plug that into splice into connector 85 on the relay. Ground out 86. Cut the positive cable to the cig port leaving some wire that can be stripped on both ends. Connect the end going to the cig power port to 87 on the relay. Connect the live cable running back to the front of the car to 30 on the relay.

Now when I turn on my car it activates the relay and provides power to the console power port...when I turn it off the cigarette port goes dead. Dashcam/backup cam loses power and shut down! My bluetooth adapter kit also uses to stay on and then not connect with my phone the next time I went to drive...now it also shuts off and powers on with the key.
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