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Will G 05-04-2014 10:59 PM

How to convert column shift C4 to floor shift for 65 Stang
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Hi Guys,
Getting closer on my 289 V8 Swap into my 65 Convertible.

My donor parts included a C4 transmission of unknown origin. The pump is dated 1980. The side of the case by the shift lever is 1970. The there are other parts dated 1965. It's kind of a frankentranny it would seem.

The first issue I found was when trying to mount her up to my 289. The bolt circle on the TC was too wide for my 157 tooth flexplate. I needed 10.5 and the existing TC was more like 11.5. Problem solved by purchasing a new TC

Now that it is mounted in the car I see that the shift linkage lever is set up for a column shift car. Pointing down rather than up. My console shift linkage needs the c4 lever to be pointed up. SEE PIC

The date code above the linkage levers starts out D0 which tells me 1970. I have read that you can change this shift arm assembly to a correct one for console shift by dropping the pan and valve body. Has anyone done this? Where did you choose to buy the part? I have aslo read that this part is different for my 1970 than the 69/68 and older C4s.

Will G 05-05-2014 02:42 PM

I have read that some people have re-used the existing linkage by dropping the pan, removing the valve body and then unbolting, then re-indexing the shift lever 180 degrees to point up.

On that note, I have also read that this causes binding in park as the angle of the lever itself, "THE S BEND" is not correct.

Anyone have any input. I'm kind of stuck at this point.


mushaus 05-06-2014 09:56 PM

Yes, I've read that the linkage that points down for floor shifters are too long.

This is the correct part:

The valve body has to be dropped to replace it.

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