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Default need some help

so i am looking at buying this car but i have been told not to pay more than 5 for the car. is this true, i know the 302s are a dime a dozen and are not anything special. i would also like to now if i cold do some cheap upgrades and turn the car around for a profit in a few years when i want to change my ride up again. thanks a ton for any info
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I'm not up on the prices of the older stuff, but it does seem that someone did stick some money into it. Bodywork and paint are NOT cheap. Does he have any paperwork for the work that was done, any log pictures of the bodywork? In the end it's your call, but if it was professionally done, and you like the car, I think $5000 would be a lowball offer that would be laughed at. BUT, you never know. Spend the time to go look at it and be respectful and you'd be surprised how much people will come down. He said he can't take it with him so ………… Good luck
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$10k for that car is fair. $7k would be theft if its as straight as it looks. Take it to a body shop and have them put it up on the lift and check it over with a paint thickness gauge for bondo. If it comes out clean I'd offer $7k and bring $9k, cash. I wouldn't like to pay more than $8k for it, but I'm cheap.

$5k is an insulting offer. Don't even attempt to start there.

As far as upgrades. you'd have to know the provenance of the car before going forward. If its currently in its original state then I wouldn't mess with it much (factory 4 speed is a big win). Maybe H/C/I swap and keep the original stuff on a shelf, packing in grease, for the next buyer.

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If the miles are correct and all the trim is there and car drives really good than its worth $10k
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