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Default >>> New Section <<<

Due to the popularity of engine swaps, we decided to create a dedicated section at Mustang Forums for members who are interested in putting a non-OEM engine in their Pony Car. This section is intended for member who are interested in:

-6cyl and 4cyl to V8 swaps (any year)
-Modern V8s in classic Stangs (any year)
-V8 upgrades from existing V8 power plants (any year also)

In addition to asking tech questions, this section will also allow our members to create a "build-thread" to show the progress they've made, and address any issues that arise during the build.

We ask that all members be respectful of a Mustang owner's decision to swap engines. Please don't tell them they're wasting their time, or that they're crazy for putting "xyz" engine into a Mustang. This is intended to be a resource for those who are looking to get more out of their Pony Car.
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Some members in other setions have made how tos, think a sticky here with links would be good? Talking things like this

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Ideally, we would like to see those types of threads moved into this section so they are all in one spot. However, for now we will create a sticky in this section for links to the various build threads currently located in Tech.
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Sweet, this is a great new section
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I can think of a thread to move here... if I find it, lol.
It was a Shelby 5.4 mill put into a 06 GT.
Cool stuff...
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Great addition to the site, thanks.
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Default Newb

I am completley new to this site and this is my first post so dont be rude please. I am not yet familiar with how things work here. I joined so I can find a few pros like myself that can talk about an engine swap for my 89 GT. The car has been rebuilt more times than I can count and has had a rough life. I want a carburated plant in place of the EFI. I hate electronics and all I have to do to get more power is put more gas in it. A carbed engine would suit me better because I hate wires and chasing problems with wiring has burnt me out completley. Computers are a hundred bucks a pop and messing with all the complicated issues of routing wires, burnt wires, cut wires, wires with no purpose and even the weight of all the wires I see many advantages to fliping to a carb set up. I need all the info you know that I have not seen yet.
Things I need to know:
1. Fuel delivery problems
2. Stock hood clearence
3. Power expectations from a stock but solid 302
4. Cost, is it worth it
5. Are there any specialty sites or premade kits
6. What is waiting for me that I cant possibly expect until I do it.

Thank you in advance for the help and also for being patient while I learn this forum.
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Ive got a 1990 lx mustang notchback 4cyl 5 speed man trans i just picked up a wrecked 1994 gt i am going to swap my 4 cyl out for this 5.0 will my 5 speed work with this 302 and will this engine harness and cumputer out of the 1994 gonna work in my 1990 thanks
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Default 2.3 to 351w half done

hi guys,new guy here,I just started a thread for my question than read this one so I jumped ship. i hope i understood u right and this is what u are trying to achieve.here we go, i have 90 lx 2.3 with 351 swap, I just picked up were someone left off and im missing some parts and pieces. ineed to now if all the pumps and pullys of a mid 90s f150 would fit my early 70 351w and still fit in the car.and can I swap the ballqncer pullys as well or are they diff wieght . I read that thay can be diff and have to match the flywheel.my crank pully is for v belt and newer 351 truck engine is serpentine .any info is greatly appreciated
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Default comments an helpful ideas.

Im new to this and i am just looking for tips an a little help. I been looking for an engine for my 2000 V6 3.8 an.i came across a friend selling his 2004 V6 3.9 engine. And my concerns are if itll even fit in my 2000 Mustang because the bell housing might be different. And if il need to have to change anything to get it going again.
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