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Default Worry Not: Next Gen Mustang To Be All-American

Check out Demon340's homepage article debunking a persistent rumor about the next generation Mustang. What would you say to a smaller, more global-friendly Mustang?
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will be expected to hit the streets in the summer of 1964 ? really ? lol

I kind of like the design and styling cues of that evos concept.. Not that I would want to see much of it carry over to the stang, but if they were offered at the dealership now, I'd go buy one
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thanks for catching that one, eddypython!
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About time. All tis "world-market will destroy the mustang" stuff was always preposterous. The REASON that muatangs are so popular over seas is BECUASE they represent American automobiles. Take away the Americana and you have no over-seas appeal. If Europeans want an MPG car they can buy a litany of very good DD cars. American cars are big (by euro standards) loud, powerful and gas guzzling (again by euro standards) Ford isn't stupid. They know this. This is the same reason that Mavericks have a HUGE following in Brazil 40 years after their production ended. Mustangs (specially classics) are on par with exotics down there as I understand it.
I do support the idea of a smaller 'stang. The lower weight will improve performance and MPG. And 315hp and 420hp are good numbers for the next mustang. MPG should be as follows: 3.7 with 35mpg and 5.0 with 30mpg. Direct Injection and lower weight should allow for this to happen.
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Old 09-24-2011, 11:10 AM   #5
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I loved the new design in the 2005's and up. They had some of the old styling from the 1964 stangs. You know the ones we all fell in love with. I say keep the style we have now it is the best of old and new. We all fell back in love with the mustang when the 2005 design came out. Why mess with a winning combination. Lets face it. As cars in america go. The mustang is a small car. I owned a grandam and a dodge caliber before my 2009 mustang and I thought the grandam was just about the perfect sized car not to big and not to little. (And I am petite 4'11") The caliber was a nice car but a bit tiny inside. My mustang is in between both of these in size and sometimes I wish the backseat and the trunk had a little bit more room. Course I have a convertible and I know some of my trunk and backseat room went to store the top when down. I do feel bad for the people in the backseat. Because those backseats do not look to comfortable. I think of all the cars I have rode in the "cougar" had the most uncomfortable backseats. The seats in my convertible are not much better. "My God" if you have a person who is 6' driving my stang the person sitting behind them better not have any legs. Now that is already too small. So "No" I don't think the stang should go smaller. It has always been a cool, powerful looking little car and I think it should stay that way.

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Benjamin T
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i will get flamed for this but i wouldn't mind if ford of australia had some input. their version of muscle car appeals to me... except they put the steering wheel on the wrong side lol

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Default Next Gen Mustangs

Well we have always been a mustang lover, in fact we have a 65 fastback. First off I like to say that muscles cars are exactly that, all about styling, power, and pride, and vehicle choice. I think that the mustangs should go back to the older body styles, they were classic, had great lines and just looked mean. The new body styles are starting to look like other "muscle" cars out there. I would have to say that smaller and eco friendly doesn't scream muscle car to me or anyone that loves the old hot rods. If we wanted that we would buy a honda. When i want a muscle car, I want power, crappy gas mileage, and great styling and of course that pure adrenaline pumping hot rod sound, something that i can just roast the tires right off, if i wanted to. Which concludes my answer as NO i would not want to see a smaller mustang which is an icon of american muscle turned into some damn little eco friendly car that looks like everything else out there that half the parts are made in china. Bring back all American made parts and styling of the old mustangs that we all loved.
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Benjamin T
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it's the ford probe all over again. sigh.
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It would be fine being a little smaller, but it definitely still has to LOOK Mustang. Of course keeping it rear wheel drive. It still has to keep that Mustang identity, without a complete resto redesign again.
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I've Said it before and I will say it again IRS is NEEDED to take the Mustang Brand into the 21st century. I love my 2009 GT but it is hardly a modern car. And for all of you complaining that the Mustang needs to be affordable IT IS even the most expensive Mustangs are Affordable (If you Poor don't be looking to buy a performance car)
Personally I want a Mustang that is better then any coupe from Germany or Japan. And right now you we have to make excuses like "well for the price it holds it own well" NO I don't want to make excuses I want FAST and not just FAST in a straight line (oh and by the way most German Sports cars are faster in a straight line then a Mustang also so shut up about you can't launch a IRS car that is bull ****. I challenge any of you to race a Stock Mustang against a 911GT or a Corvette (forget the stupid camaro) Ford does not make a Corvette beater (THE FORD GT is no longer made and it was made in so limited production it was really not a production car most sold for more then MSRP)
Ford Needs the Mustang to be affordable yes but not Cheap it is a performance car not a economy car. If you can't afford a $40,000 performance car then maybe you should not be buying a performance car. Go buy a USED CAR and SHUT UP
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