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Default 1988 ASC Mclaren Mustang #1287

Year: 1988
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Price: $8000
Mileage: 25212
Color: Red
Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing
Location (State/Prov): CO

Hello everyone. I'm posting a unique listing today. One that kind of pains me for a number of reasons. I want everyone to know I'm going full 100% disclosure here (I know that's a given, but you'll understand shortly)...

I found this car on NextDoor (like Facebook for neighbors) in 2015. Looked interesting... not like usual Fox convertible. Come to be that I apparently had no previous knowledge of ASC Mclaren Mustangs or their history. Well, I found out fast and realized that this was a unique car, with only 25k miles on it. I had been looking to try my hand at "flipping" unique cars and quickly did some research and bought it from our neighbor. Car is/was super clean and CARFAX validated the low mileage. I did notice a couple things that required attention though - torn plastic on rear window (all new window plastic has professionally been replaced), shifted funny ($11 plastic linkage piece was replaced) and a badly chipped rear tail light cover (replaced).

After I got those initial few items fixed, I realized this thing ran AWESOME! Best riding fox body I'd ever ridden in. My wife and I would tool it around the neighborhood from time to time and every single time it would garner a compliment. Rides tight but comfortable down the road and through corners. I know ASC did some suspension work to these, but I don't know exactly what. All I know it that it handles way better than any other 80's Mustang I've heard of!

Well, we realized this was not a long term car for us and I found a couple more gremlins I wanted to get looked at. Radio would cut out occasionally, emergency brake cable let go, etc.

So, I took it to a local shop as I don't have the time or patience (for expertise frankly) to chase electrical issues. This is where some level of surprise and disappointment set in. The mechanic we took it too (trusted), said this is/was... possibly... a flood car. It appears the entire under side of the car has been undercoated and there is what appears to be a significant amount of surface corrosion. Not flakey rust like you would see on a body, but just weird stuff. The Carfax shows no such history and frankly this very much confuses me and honestly devastates me for a numbers of reasons.

First, I understand this has impact on the value, which is part of why I bought this car. I'm at terms with the fact this may/likely affect the sale value and just want to move on.

But almost more importantly, I wanted to start flipping unique cars to get them from their current unwanted homes... into appreciative hands, where they could hopefully live out the rest of their years. I know it sounds silly, but I wanted to do that for these cool, little known, unique cars.

Well, now here I sit. With 1998 ASC Mclaren Mustang #1287, in great aesthetic condition (for a 30 years old car), with extremely low mileage and a dream of a car to drive... but I know something is fishy, I just can't guarantee what. All I know is something happened here that I can't document, causing there to be more under car corrosion than this should have for 25k garage queen.

So with that said, I offer it for sale with all of the above disclosed. I have the original sales folder, service records, carfax, etc. I'm completely willing to allow anyone to have it further inspected. It would of course have to be sold as-is.

Again, I'm no mechanic, but I do most of my own work on my cars... but this thing runs beautifully! I really had taken to like it. With the cam Mclaren put in these, it's the stoutest stock 5.0 I've ridden in or driven.

I honestly hope the concerns I've somewhat uncovered turn out to be nill, in which case, someone will get a great deal. Worst case scenario, there is a beautiful body, strong engine and transmission and a plethora of ASC Mclaren specific (and no longer in production) body parts for some other person to use for a restoration.

I'm an open book. I want to get this lady off to whatever her next stage of life is and I'd like to free up the garage space. I've shown my cards. Send me any offer you feel is reasonable. Ask any question, I'll answer best I can.

Photos: http://s114.photobucket.com/user/jre...aren%20Mustang
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Looks like a 1988.
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