Stage 3

Vehicle nickname:
The Blue Beast

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0000-00-00 00:00:00

Tell the world a little bit about your vehicle
I bought the car used, fairly stock in the fall of 05. I had did a lot of research before buying and wanted something that wouldn't break the bank but had alot of go fast potential. The car got it's nickname from a friend of mine I work with. This guy is as insane about cars as I am and he owns a modded 03 M3. He kept calling my car the little blue beast so I dropped the little part and the name stuck. The car is extremely well known in my area. The first round of mods included the Mopar stage 2 kit, cold air intake, And cat back exhaust. I took it to the track and got humiliated by a Subaru Forrester in my first race. I ran a 14.7 @ 98. to the subies 14.5! What was brutal was I told my family who was watching what a great driver I was and how I was going to run low 13s. Well come to find out I didn't hook up the stage 2 kit right.
So my next trip to the track after fixing the issues I ran a 13.46 @ 104. on street tires. I then added slicks to the mix and got into the 12s but I still wasn't happy because the fast street cars we're still kicking my but. So the next round of mods included an upgrade from stage 2 to stage 3. A large front mount intercooler. Suspension mods and finally the driver mod for this car. Took a while to get the launch down but it's pretty satisfying Knowing I've learned to drive this platform well. And any drag racer knows everything is stacked against you when your front wheel drive. to date the car has ran a best of 11.79 @ 118.53. Future plans for the car are a shot of nitrous. Either a 50 or 75 on the stock block and maybe a forged block later down the road with a large shot of giggle gas. It's the fastest car I've ever owned so I have become attached to it and will probably just keep the little blue beast forever. Who knows it might even be worth something some day. They only made these cars for three years and only produced 25,000 over those 3 years.

Update. Blue was totalled on Christmas eve 2010. Had a wheel come apart while doing 75 on the highway. My wife and my dog were in the car with me. We're all lucky to be alive. Blue took the beating for us and everyone walked away without a scratch. Gonna Miss ya Blue.
Blue's replacement is a 95 GT with Cervini Stalker body kit and dynomax cat back. Bought the GT used with 102K in nerar perfect condiction. Future plans for the GT is H/C/I, Exhaust, 200 shot, built rear, built automatic tranny for track consistancy.

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
Mopar stage 3 kit
Frozen toy box (race tune)
Clutchmaster stage 4 racing clutch

Suspension Modifications:
BC Racing coilovers with full camber plates
Hotchkis antiroll bars. 26mm front 19mm rear.
AGP solid motor and tranny mounts
Vibrant front & rear strut tower braces.

Wheels/Tires Modifications:
Street meats=Falken FK452 on cheap pep boy wheels
Racing set-up=26 X 8 X 15 Hoosier race slicks mounted on ROTA 15X8 racing wheels (13 pounds a piece)

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
Lowered 2 inch from stock ride height. Fiberglass eyelids to give it that pissed off look! DEPO LED brake lights. And cool blue LED windsheild washer squiters.

Future Modifications:
Built tranny, DCR Racing short block rated to 1000HP. NOS wet kit with all safety features.