Ford Mustang GT 2005-2014: Window Tint Modification

Tinting your Ford Mustang's window does a little more than give it a slick look, it actually protects your car's plastics from the sun's radiation. Read on to learn the tinting options for your car.

By Bassem Girgis - October 7, 2015

This article applies to the Ford Mustang GT (2005-2014).

Window tinting is a popular upgrade for the Ford Mustang GT. This modification is what completes the look of it. Window tinting has many benefits: from interior privacy, to protecting your interior, to keeping your interior cool. Before going and getting the darkest shade of tint for your vehicle, you must know the legality of it. Window tinting laws varies from one state to the next, and if it's legal in my state, that doesn't make it legal in the state next door. It's important that you check your state laws before tinting your windows, because the violation requires you to remove the tint, which could be a bit of a hassle. Check your state laws on tinting here. Below, we will go over the popular shades of tinting, but it's your responsibility to check the legal shade in your state.

Mustang GT Window Tinting

A lot of the factory vehicles come with a mild tint, which is around 95% tint. This tint slightly adds to the looks of the car; however, it doesn't play a major role in privacy and protection. We will go over the heavier shades of tint, starting at the light tint, then intermediate tint, dark tint, and to super dark tint. Keep in mind that the front windshield is illegal to tint in all 50 states.

Figure 1. Tinted 2013 Ford Mustang GT.

#1 Light Tint 50%+

DIY Cost – $25

Professional Cost – $100-$250

Skill Level – Moderate; this job requires patience and attention to details.

The 50% and up window tint is a popular tint due to legal reasons. A lot of states allow such tint because it doesn't completely block the visibility inside. It is a mild tint that gives the Mustang an aggressive touch without sacrificing safety. If you get a good quality tint, 50% can be enough to add some protection in your Mustang from the sun. This is the most popular tint out there, so if you want to tint your Mustang without having to deal with any type of trouble, this is for you. Recommended for its small protection while still being visible.

#2 Intermediate Tint 50-35%

DIY Cost – $50

Professional Cost – $150-$300

Skill Level – Moderate; this requires patience and attention to details.

With this tint, you can actually say that you have tinted windows in your Ford Mustang. This is one of lowest acceptable tints in most of the states. Some states don't allow it at all, so check your state laws.

This tint adds to the dynamic of your Mustang by making all the curves pop more. This tint is known to be the last of the safe tints, since you can still see at night while you're backing up, but on a barely acceptable level. If your state laws approve of this tint, this might be the most recommended. Recommended for its visibility at night.

#3 Dark Tint 30-20%

DIY Cost – $50-$75

Professional Cost – $200-$350

Skill Level – Moderate; this requires patience and attention to details.

This is when window tinting can get tricky. A lot of the states allow this tint, but only in the rear, which is quite small on the Ford Mustang. However, it adds a lot to the look of your sports car. Forum users have been known to put it on the front anyways and roll their windows down when they see a police officer; however, that's not recommended, as a ticket is not only a pricey fine, you also also have to remove it and go back to court to show that you did so. Only recommended if your state allows it.

#4 Super Dark Tint 15-5%

DIY Cost – $75

Professional Cost – $350-$450

Skill Level – Moderate; this requires patience and attention to details.

If you're looking for the ultimate privacy and protection, look no further. But let's hope you are a lucky person when you're backing up. If you don't have a back-up camera, don't expect to see behind you at night. This is not legal in the front window in most states, and if you want to talk hazard, this is the definition of hazardous.

No one can deny the amazing touch this adds to the Mustang, making it look somewhat VIP; however, if it's legal in your state, you should still weigh your options, because at night, this makes it hard to see around you. Not recommended due to its limited visibility at night.

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