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Thank you for the reply! Yes he does seem to have all the documentation, and he sent me the more complete list of work done to it (copied below)

I am honestly interested in making it one of my DD's, the plan being either get it up to 450-500 or swap engine to something that can handle more power (read a lot about them splitting and whatnot), and supercharge it. He wants to trade it plus money for my 93 supra, single turbo, forged pistons/rods, v161, it's a built car, but I've also got a stock 98 supra TT now, with 31k miles, and I am just gonna slightly raise the boost to get 350 out of it with the stock twins.

So I would really love to do the trade + cash, but I can't if I don't know an approximate value :/

- 5.0 high output full EFI engine with a 93 cobra upper and lower intake manifold ported for max air flow. This would be the only EFI engine
- World class T5 Transmission (i have a short shifter not installed in the trunk). This means you have 5 speeds to save on gas.
- 70mm bbk throttle body, 70mm mass air flow meter with custom adapter for K&N air fillter
- Trick Flow stage one cam
- Custom beafy drive shaft made specificly for this car.
- Stock clutch shifts smooth, and was changed recently by ABC Mustang.
- Hydraulic clutch linkage from Modern Drive Line performance, with Wilwood master cylinder and slave.
- Canton 8 racing oil pan in gold color, with custom dipstick installed by ABC Mustang.
- MSD Ignition
- XL aluminum radiator with manual turn on switch, and custom reservoir
- Flowtech longtube headers with custom o2 sensor bungs for the EFI.
- Custom 2.5" X pipe bent to match the car exiting out the rear GT valence. Flowmaster exhaust system with no cats.
- New gas tank with return line.
- Fully custom lowered rear suspension made to handle 500hp to the wheels with no wheel hop. The car used have realy bad wheel hop from the torgue this thing has. I used to put weights and tires and sand bags in the trunk just to stop it.
- Bilstein rear shocks made for this car makes this car hook up but surprisingly smoother ride the konis i used to have.
- Custom made rear leafs 5 leaf lowered by an inch with all polyurethane bushings and new bolts, grade 8 of course. All made by Maier racing just for what I wanted this car to do. I asked them for a suspension that could handle 500 to the wheels but make this handle better than a beamer round corners and that what I got.
- Front suspension has 620lb lowering springs and roller spring perches with polyurethane bushings everywhere.
- Export brace from mustang depot made just for efi.
- 1" front sway bar with poly bushings
- A arms replaced
- Monte carlo bar
- Autometer gauges, including RPM, Gas, Voltmeter, Speedometer, Temperature, and Oil. Installed into an aftermarket pod holder to be used with stock bezel to keep look of original mustang.
- Momo steering wheel
- Recaro style front racing seats
- Like new rear seats
- Kick Panels with speakers, 5 speakers throughout car
- Aftermarket Sony stereo
- Hurst shifter and boot
- Like new roof lining
- New OEM rubber mats
- All windows roll up and down just like new and were recently fixed by Mustang Magic in Fremont, and have been configured to stock settings. The door locks have also been fixed by Mustang Magic.
Brake System:
- Disc brakes all around.
- Baer brakes in the front from the o4 cobra 10th anniversary powdercoated red as they came stock from ford, these were purchased brand new from Ford (they say cobra on them) and 04 cobra rear brakes. so 4 wheel disk brakes from 2004 cobra terminator. So, when you need to do brakes just go the the parts store and ask for 04 cobra pads and rotors.
- Power brakes with dual bowl master cylinder
- Steel braided brake lines
- slotted drilled rotors up front only. 13" up front and 11.5" rear.
- 17x7 in custom bullit or torq thrust design in flat black up front with 225/45/17 tires no rubbing. Alignment done by previous owner with camber adjusted.
- New 2 stage paint job in metallic pewter grey.
- Eleanor Hood to clear EFI intake.
- GT350 Shelby front bumper.
- Eleanor style side scoops
- Shelby sytle rear spoiler
- LED tail lights
- HID headlights with ballasts
- Halo eyes headlights that have been disconnected.
- Bullet style side view mirror with aluminum/chrome combination
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