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Default all you people with superchargers, did you install it yourself?

At some points I do wonder if it would be better to just get a sc and keep my car for as long as I can, but what is the total cost I'm looking at there?

you people with sc, did you order the kit on then do all the work yourself? I am very unhandy, I tried to install a CAI on a previous mustang and i ended up breaking the throttlebody, so I don't trust my self with even the smallest task, let alone a sc.

from other posts i read, if i got a shop to do it, i would be paying for a whole days work + 4k for the sc + a whole day at the dyno to get it tuned?

so dang, with all that would I be looking at about $8k to get an extra 100 hp?

All you people with boost, did you do the work yourself?

also, should i wait until my car is fully paid off to get a sc? or is that not a factor?
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