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Default '66 200ci, looking to get an exhaust system.

I would have thought I'd see a bunch of these to some extent, but didn't bring up much when using the search feature.

I'm looking to get an exhaust kit or throw one together for my '66. It has a 200ci that's been rebuilt and bored over a little bit. It still has the same exhaust system from the factory, but she sounds like she's giving 'raspberries' every time I hit the gas. I really want to get something better sounding that will help with performance a bit.

Here's what I want:
Performance boost.
Something that might prepare me for a header later down the line.
Something not overly loud, but still sounds beefy with little to no droning.
A kit that, preferably, doesn't require welding.
If possible, a kit that also nixes the catalytic converter as mine's probably useless.

What I don't want:
Flowmasters. Never been a fan. I know that much, at least.

I know very little about these things, I'm learning as I go. I don't want to grab a random exhaust kit and be disappointed, especially with my finances. Haha.
Also, do the sizes in pipes matter?

Any opinions and tips would be appreciated.
Feel free to ask any questions if I might have missed some vital or helpful information.

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