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Default Front Wheel Clearance Question

Hey, this is my first post on this forum so hopefully you guys can help me out!
I recently purchased my first mustang, a 98 gt, and I love it. The previous owner did some modifications to the car, including suspension and new wheels and tires. The rear tires a pretty wide but I am not noticing any clearance problems there, the problem is the front. When I turn hard left or hard right i can hear the front tires rubbing on the inner wheel wells. I can see tiny patterns of the tires on the inside wheel well where it is rubbing. The car has been lowered a bit so I think that could be the cause of some of the problem. The tires aren't too bad yet and I really like the rims and tires on the car, and money is always a factor so I would like to keep them. The inner side of both tires are slightly worn but like I said not too bad. I was wondering what solutions you guys had in mind? I was wondering if wheel spacers would work? Any info you guys could give me would be great! Thanks again!
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