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Default Convertible Frame and Hydralic System

Alright so I've made a few threads about my car and the trouble that I've had with the convertible top and system. I got a lot of responses and help and appreciate all of it but this time I have pictures and a video so that you know exactly what I'm talking about. It seems as though I cant post attachments yet so I have a link so that you can see the pictures and the video. The pictures of the joints above the side windows show the gap that is there when the top is latched down. I have adjusted the top by the gar like pieces behind the headliner near the back quarter window. But it only helps so much I also adjusted the joints above the windows but that didn't help much either. The pictures of the alignment pegs that position the top so that you can latch it down. Those pictures are of when you go to put the top up and if you make it so that the gaps above the windows aren't their they don't line up. When I adjusted the top with the piece near the quarter windows if I adjusted it too much it would make it worse. The video is of the top cylinders in action so that you can see just how much lag there is. Like I said before I don't want to mess up this frame. And one more thing how would I go about adjusting the windows?
here is the URL:
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Sounds like your best bet now is to visit an upholstery shop that also does convertible tops.....making sure they can also deal with the frame issues. Sometimes it is best to get professional help to avoid more damage.
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looking at the video of the hydraulic actuators it looks like there could possibly be some air in the system. also make sure you are using the correct fluid in the system. my foxbody vert used ATF for the convertible pump system. It appears that one actuator takes longer to pressurize then the other. I would say it either incorrect fluid, air, or worn seals in one of the actuators causing the lag.
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Mine lagged until there was a bit of resistance on one side or the other. The lines are not separated between sides so if one cylinder moves freer than the other, it will even up when a bit of resistance is present.

It is easy to remove air....access the pump and pull the fill end up and out of the bracket....not removing any lines and do not pinch them. Pull the fill plug and verify it is full. Then operate the system 4-5 times to cycle any air back to the motor. Check the fill level and plug it. Reinstall in bracket.

My 02 used to leak at one cylinder. Filled the system a few times thru the summer and bled it each time. Used Ford auto tranny fluid.

Not sure there is much adjustment to the windows. Remove a door panel and look for any kind of stop for the window travel going up. There might be some adjustment in the mount points for the tracks.

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