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Cribby94 06-12-2014 08:54 PM

Driver Window not working?
How do you diagnose a window not rolling up and down? when I push the down button, nothing happens, but when I let go of it, its like theres a second click going on. Doesn't happen when I push/release the passenger side down button.

Is this implying a short in the circuit somewhere? I would imagine that BOTH windows are fused on the same fuse, so it shouldnt' be that. (never know I guess). I just don't want to buy a new motor if all I have to do is get my electrical goody bag out.

Thanks guys!

corker 06-16-2014 07:41 AM

I replaced mine a few months back. The motor has 2 wires going to it - I believe the switch supplies 12v to 1 wire for up and the other wire for down. Since the vehicle is 15 years old, sounds like it's time for a new motor anyway. I purchased a new motor, but before I took everything apart I plugged the motor harness into the new motor to make sure everything worked. The motor can be completely disassembled - I found the old motor's brushes were completely worn and the commutator was all grooved from worn brushes.
Good Luck,

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