2011 Mustang Engine options to be announced!!!

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la auto show.jpgSince the 2010 Mustang hit the streets, the Mustang community has been demanding more power and bigger engines.  Other than a few subtle hints during interviews, Ford has been pretty hush-hush about what engines would be introduced for 2011 to hopefully close the gap between the Mustang and the cross town rivals from GM and Dodge.  In what could be the first non-propaganda fed discussion in ages, Fox News reported that during a meeting with Ford’s chief of global development, Derrick Kuzak, was quoted as saying that all of the questions about the Mustang’s 2011 engine options will be answered in December at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

We can fully expect a new entry level V6, possibly a beefed up version
of the Duratec 37.  That 3.7L V6 offers 273 horsepower in its current
Mazda SUV uses, but with tuning adjustments it is expected that the
Duratec 37 could make 300 horsepower.  The Mustang GT also stands to benefit from a new engine, and most
people in the automotive world would be shocked if it is not the return
of the 5.0L V8.  The 32 valve “Coyote”, as it is known within Ford
Motor Company, is expected to offer at least 400 horsepower to help get
the Stang closer to the Challenger SRT8 and Camaro SS in power output. 
There have been spy shots available since early in 2009 of what is
perceived to be the Coyote in an S197 Mustang engine bay, so the Coyote
is all but available-for-sale.

What we aren’t sure about, is whether or not Ford’s EcoBoost V6 will
find it’s way into the Mustang.  The 3.5L twin turbocharged V6 offers
an impressive 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, and since the
EcoBoost hit the market, there have been rumors of an ‘EcoBoosted’
Mustang, but there hasn’t been anything from Ford to support these
rumors.  (For my previous article about the EcoBoost fitting into the
Mustang, click here!)

There are also rumors that the 2011 GT500 could see an improvement to
the engine, although it looks like the GT500 will still come with a
supercharged 5.4L engine.  The change to the GT500 will most likely be
the addition of an aluminum engine block, as there have been well
publicized videos of Ford test vehicles using an aluminum block 5.4L

Again, until Ford stops teasing us and releases the official
information at the LA Auto Show in December, these are all rumors and
speculation, but it looks like the Mustang will finally be getting the
horsepower that the Ford faithful have been demanding.

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