2018 Mustang GT Convertible: The Perfect Muscle Car?

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It’s the most advanced pony car ever. Does its technology have the ability to make the GT convertible Mustang a performance weapon?

Not too long ago driving a convertible meant you had to sacrifice handling and stability. A convertible top would take away from the rigidity of the car and deliver a sloppy driving experience in the corners. A rental Mustang convertible used to be as stiff as a non-alcoholic beer. However, modern day engineering has done away with most of the shortcomings of the convertible. The 2018 Mustang GT convertible is arguably the best Mustang convertible ever built.

2018 mustang gt convertible

Mustang Lifestyle gives us a virtual test drive in a 2018 Mustang GT convertible with the Performance Pack and 10 speed automatic. This model offers the best of both worlds. The top up driving is for rainy days. Then, you drop the convertible top to feel free and a part of the elements. There are not many feelings that substitute driving at top speeds with the wind in your hair.

The other experience is the sound. The 2018 Mustang has a new optional active exhaust system. This lets you experience the full roar of the screaming V8 or put it in quiet mode to not wake your neighbors in the early morning.

Speed will not be a problem when it comes to the 2018 Mustang. The GT has 460 hp and 420 ft lb of torque ready to play. With all the new driving modes there is a lot of room for fun.


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In the video, our host Andrew tests the drag strip mode and has a huge smile to show for it. The quick gear changes of the new automatic are impressive. Along with the add technology of the digital gauge cluster and the active exhaust the Mustang is the best American muscle car on sale today.

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