2018 Mustang: Bob Lutz Explains Why It Spanks Camaro

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bob lutz

Thanks to Road & Track, Bob Lutz has some heartening words for Mustang fans.

The all-American rivalry still runs hot in the veins (and wallets) of hardcore Chevy and Ford fanatics. The Mustang has given the Camaro hell since the day they first met, and we’re not sure that it’ll ever stop. But why should it? Competition can motivate designers and engineers to do great things.

bob lutz

When it comes to outspoken automotive industry experts, it doesn’t get more top-shelf than Bob Lutz. The former executive of BMW, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors is a seat-of-the-pants type of guy when it comes to taking action. As you’d expect, he takes the same approach to answering the general public’s automotive questions, like he did in his most recent column for Road & Track.

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The Q&A

“Dear Bob: The new Camaro has been outsold by the Mustang almost every month. What’s holding it back?” by David Freedman, Detroit, Michigan.

BL: “The minute I saw the new Mustang and the new Camaro, I knew Ford had won this round. The Mustang is a design masterpiece: sleek, semi-European, yet still a Mustang. Independent rear suspension or not, it is a winner. The Camaro, an even better car, sinks into quasi-irrelevance. You can’t tell it from the previous one. “The same as before, only smaller” has never been a winning formula in a fashion-conscious segment. The current Camaro, although fabulous, missed the mark.”

Clearly, Bob knows his stuff. The current Mustang is indeed a “design masterpiece.” It has the right touch of retro styling, with a healthy dose of modern cues. After all, no one wants to live in the past, especially the incoming generation who are (and will be) the target audience for the pony car.

While we sense a slight adoration toward the Camaro from Lutz, we’re glad he sees and appreciates the hard work that Ford’s put into the Mustang.

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