Honda-Powered Mustang is Happening: Grab Pitchforks

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Honda-Powered Mustang

Whether you think it’s genius or sacrilege, this guy is building a monstrous Honda-powered Mustang to drag race.

A few years ago someone here on wondered if a Honda K Series engine could be swapped into a Mustang. It was correctly pointed out that anything is possible with enough time and money. Including, of course, a Honda-powered Mustang.

This guy isn’t just throwing the two together to grab some headlines and wind a few people up, though. As you can see from the pictures, this is a serious racecar build … that will also grab some headlines, and wind a few people up.

Honda-Powered Mustang

It’s not only time and money that can make these things happen, though. It’s also working with what you already have and what you know. In this case, Facebook user “Unekualed” already has a built and tuned combination Honda K20/K24 turbo engine from a previous project. According to the company that built the engine, TDC Performance, it makes a frantic 963hp.


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The more we think about it, the more it makes sense to actually do this. The Fox Body chassis we already know is an excellent platform for a race car, and this one is going grudge-match drag racing. It also has a huge aftermarket and a community with a huge body of knowledge. After going on a weight-loss diet and putting in the lighter engine, 2,600 lbs. with safety gear doesn’t sound unreasonable.

Honda-Powered Mustang

As well as a tuning shop, “Unekualed” has a fabrication company on hand as well. Fitting an engine designed for front-wheel drive onto a rear-wheel-drive platform is no easy feat. The good news is there’s plenty of space for activities with four cylinders under the hood.

We are going to follow this insane-looking build, and we look forward to seeing a built Fox Body making Honda race engine noises.

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