A Newbies Guide to Taking Your Mustang to a Track Day

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There’re few things better than hopping into your Mustang for a day out at the track, but if you’ve never been it can be fairly intimidating. Here are some things to keep an eye out for and just remember the most important rule: have fun.

Track days should be your next step before hopping into the world of competitive time attack from autocross. So, if you’ve never been to an autocross we would suggest you start there. However, if you have been before you already have a good idea on how to be prepared.

Once you get to the track, check your car over. Check the torque of your lug nuts and tire pressures as there is nothing worse than a wheel or tire failure while on the track. Well, ok, explaining to the significant other why your car is totaled could be worse. Some other things to check for while you’re near your wheels is your brake pads, if they are below 2/32nds (1/16th) of an inch thick, it’s not only time for a new set but time to rethink your track day and it is the same thing for your tires.

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