Exquisite 1967 Mustang’s Exhaust Note Sounds Supremely Thunderous

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Where words fail, this restomod’s 347ci stroker V8 speaks volumes. 

Sometimes, the right car leaves us at a loss for words. In the case of this 1967 Mustang restomod, we aren’t the only ones. This notchback was recently featured on the Hot American Cars YouTube channel.  It was restored as a father-sons project by owner Jason Terry, with his boys Logan and Blake. And while there’s a more in-depth write-up of the car on the channel’s website, the video is just one slow, speechless tour of the car. In short, it’s perfect.

First up, we get a look at the exterior. The metallic red-orange paint is gorgeous. It’s carried over into the engine bay too, where the strut tower braces, valve covers, and water pump are painted to match. Then there’s the hood with hood pins and a functional air scoop, skinny 15-inch aluminum drag wheels, and battery cutoff switch on the rear valance, which add up to give the car an old-school drag racer look. The only thing missing here is a set of wheelie bars.

Jason Terry's 1967 Ford Mustang restomod

Inside, the car looks like it could’ve just rolled out of the showroom. The only modern concessions here are a column-mounted modern tach, CD player, auxiliary gauge pod, and a pair of aftermarket switches on the dash. That’s it. Even the shifter connected to the built C6 transmission has a nice old-school look to it.

And luckily, the car speaks for itself. There’s no canned stock music soundtrack here. No awkward voice-overs or small talk. Just the car, and the sweet, sweet sound of the 347 cubic inch stroker V8. This is one of the coolest restomods out there. This video presents it perfectly.

Jason Terry's 1967 Ford Mustang restomod

We’re suckers for in-depth videos of people pouring over every detail of their car, or opening it up and showing off everything that it can do. But sometimes, you just need to stand back and let the car do the talking. And after watching this video, we’re convinced that we could listen to it talk all day.

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