Amazing Mustang Concepts Have Us Utterly Drooling

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Widebody Mustang Boss 302 Rendering

Combining Japanese widebody styling with virtually every Mustang generation is a stroke of pure artistic genius.

As long as the automobile has existed, so has cutting edge design. But over the long history of car design, style remains largely subjective. You know, just like any other kind of art. American cars are typically very distinctive from Italian ones, which look completely different from English car designs. But there are those out there in the world that dare combine characteristics of more than one genre to create something truly unique. Like uber talented Czech automotive designer Rostislav Prokop.

Prokop doesn’t really discriminate when it comes to makes or models, dreaming up all sorts of interesting custom rides on his ArtStation page. Among them, however, are a whole lot of Mustang renderings. But these aren’t your typical custom Mustang ideas, however. Prokop combines the low, wide, slammed widebody look so prevalent in Japanese culture with the muscle of the venerable Mustang to create something truly unique.

And we aren’t just talking about S550s, either. Prokop has reimagined everything from early Boss 302s to SN95s to a new GT350R, and pretty much everything in between. Some of them look more like show machines, while others sport massive twin turbos hanging out of the hood Hoonicorn-style. But all of these diverse renderings share one thing in common, at least – they’re all incredible.

Prokop is a truly talented artist with vision. And he’s put those talents to work by creating some of the more unique Mustang renderings we’ve ever seen. So be sure and scope them all out by heading over here. But be forewarned – sifting through all these works of art will definitely take up some of your time. But it’ll be well worth it, trust us on this one.

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