Brutally-fast SN95 Mustang Catches Some Serious Air at Drag Strip

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We did some digging to uncover the truth about this mysterious, insane wheel-hopping Mustang GT.

Today, we’ve got another JMALCOM2004 video for you. This time, it’s a black SN95 tearing up the drag strip. Our only beef with JMALCOM2004’s videos is the lack of information he provides with the upload. Often times, we have to take to the comments section to figure out what’s really going on.

From what we can see, this sinister black SN95 Mustang is rocking ’94-’95 tail lights, meaning that it originally came with a pushrod 5.0-liter 302 V8. However, it’s plainly obvious that that same engine no longer resides between the front fenders. According to one YouTube commenter, it’s powered by a big block Ford.

Judging by the sound and the fury of this Mustang, we think it’s a safe bet to assume that this Mustang is not only packing a mega cube engine, but that it’s running at least one power-adder as well. The cool Plexiglass hood scoop mounted on top of the tall cowl hood is a dead giveaway, too.

As we were admiring that funky clear hood scoop, we noticed a name on the side window: Bruce Rentz. We did some digging, and using our best Google-fu, we found some more information. While we’re not sure if the information is still accurate, we discovered a long-forgotten post on Yellow Bullet about the Mustang.

jmalcom Mustang

As far back as 2013, at least, Rentz was running a small block Ford, perhaps even the one that came with the car, with an Induction Solutions plate nitrous system.

At that time, it was running in Ultra Street, a drag radial class that puts heavy limitations on tire choice and power adders. Within that rule set, this was the fastest car in the class at that time. We’re glad to see that it’s still kicking around, and we want to know more details. If we’re lucky, Rentz himself might chime in.

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