Widebody Mustang Has the Midas Touch

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Widebody Mustang SEMA

Custom built slammed Mustang is as good as gold. 

Mustang Forums has been making the rounds at this year’s SEMA event in Las Vegas. But when we saw this Mustang we thought it might a tribute to C3PO. No, this golden god is a widebody Mustang custom build being showcased by Clinched Flares.

The owner, Cat, had a vision for her pony car. Luckily, Clinched Flares was able to help her on her road to widebody perfection, and ultimately, SEMA.

Widebody Mustang SEMA

Clinched has the perfect muscle fender flares to give her car the right look.

The Mustang underwent a full body kit.

Widebody Mustang SEMA

Next an airlift suspension was added, and then wide set custom F244 AG wheels.

Widebody Mustang SEMA

Naturally, a full wrap was required to get the luxe gold tone. The finished Mustang is clean, slammed, stanced, and a show car that Cat puts to good use on the road.

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