An Inside Look at the 2012 Ford Mustang and GT

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2012-Ford-Mustang-1.jpgby Patrick Rall

When the 2012 Ford Mustang hits the streets later this year, it will feature the same 3.7L V6 in the base model and the same 5.0L V8 in the Mustang GT – with these two engines working to make the current Mustang the most powerful and fuel efficient version of the fabled American performance car.  The 2012 Ford Mustang with the 3.7L V6 will continue on with 305 horsepower while offering 31mpg with an automatic transmission and 29mpg with the six speed manual transmission.  The 2012 Ford Mustang GT will continue on with 412 stated horsepower (proven to be a bit lower than the actual output) while yielding 26mpg with the manual transmission and 25mpg with the six speed automatic.

New for the 2012 Ford Mustang is the standard Selectable Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS) system.  This new driver-controlled EPAS system features three modes: Sport, Comfort and Standard.  When the driver selects Sport mode, the EPAS system requires more effort from the driver while allowing more road force and road feel to the steering wheel – for a more engaged and informed drive, which is ideal for performance driving situations.  On the other hand, if a 2012 Mustang owner is cruising down the highway and doesn’t need to feel the road, he or she can select the Comfort mode.  This muffles the amount of road noise and surface feel that makes it to the driver, while also lowering the amount of steering wheel input needed – perfect for a long drive across the country, when performance is not an issue.  Finally, the third mode for the Selectable EPAS system is Standard, which puts the car into a basic “auto” mode, allowing the system to adjust based on the given driving styles and conditions.  This system is standard on all 2012 Ford Mustangs, from the base V6 Coupe to the Mustang GT Premium Convertible.

2012-Mustang_GT_BurnOutSilv.jpgNext, Ford has added some comfort items inside of the 2012 Ford Mustang, including illuminated vanity mirrors in the back of both the driver and passenger side sun visors.  Those sun visors also contain “multipurpose storage.” And for those with electronic garage door systems, the 2012 Mustang will also include a new universal garage door opening system.  Ford has also introduced two new self explanatory packages for the 2012 Mustang; one is the Reverse Sensing System and Security Package for $695; the other is the HID Headlamps and Security Package for $920.

Finally, the 2012 Ford Mustang will be offered in limited quantities in a new Lava Red Metallic exterior paint color.  The Mustangs finished in Lava Red Metallic will also include special Lava Red/black interior schemes and Lava Red inner door panels and seat inserts.  Ford does not currently list a price for the Lava Red Metallic package but the upcharge paint codes typically run between $395 and $595.

So, does the latest Mustang have everything you were hoping for? Voice your opinion here!

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