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by Derek Shiekhi

Ford stopped production of its GT throwback machine after the 2006 model year, but Galpin Auto Sports has brought it back in a big – and restyled – way. It’s taken the supercharged 5.4-liter V8 from 550 horsepower to an absolutely ape-shit 1,058. Torque is a similarly eye-popping 992 pound-feet.




Of course, the exterior of the sonically brutal $1,024,000 monster has been extensively restyled. Autoblog’s Steven J. Ewing wasn’t crazy about the new skin. However, he raved about the well-modulated and progressive brakes, the natural shifting action, the comfortable seats and the easy-to-modulate nature of the throttle and clutch.




Perhaps most important to the writer was his belief that the Galpin Ford GTR1 kept its donor vehicle’s spirit alive. According to Ewing, “The only car it reminds me of is the Ford GT on which it’s based. It’s loud, brutish, and absolutely absurd. And like the GT … , the Galpin is like nothing else you can drive today.” Follow the link at the bottom to read his full review.




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