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Remember, the cop can still see you, even if you don’t see him.

Today we want to weave a tale of fun, excitement, and keeping your eyes open. At this year’s Mustang Week in Florida, David Patterson was having fun with some friends, when suddenly a few police arrive to spoil the fun. But here is where things get interesting. These officers were riding around in unmarked Mustangs.

Undercover mustang video

We won’t get into the argument about undercover cars, or about using undercover Mustangs to bust people at a Mustang meet. What we will cover is the hilarious name of this video from the event, and the story that goes with it. In case you didn’t see the title above, it’s “Undercover Mustang Cops Hate Donuts In Cooler Mustangs.”

To hear the tale from Patterson, he was just hanging in a giant empty lot with a friend, when he realized he hadn’t done any filming for the day. It’s hard to make a living on YouTube if you never make any videos. So he asks if the guy wants to do something crazy for a video entry. With a smile and a smirk, he stands on the throttle and performs the glorious donut that starts the video off.

What makes it all work together is the circumstance and the way Patterson tells the story. Because, lets be serious here: This is two guys, hundreds of feet away from any other people, having a little bit of fun in their cars. It’s an empty parking lot, they aren’t street racing or sliding towards huge crowds of bystanders. The only reason I can see for that undercover Mustang cop to come over and starting handing out citations is jealousy. I mean, can you imagine, being stuck in a 2015 V6 mustang while some guys are having the time of their lives in decked out Fox bodies?

We’d be jealous, too.

Still, moral of the story here: Always be safe, and don’t break the law. Also, make sure that Mustang across the street isn’t an undercover cop. It’s only illegal if you get caught, after all.

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