Author: Christian Moe

Building a Drag Beast Mustang With a Borrowed Block

mustang the grinch

What happens when you’re a top-level drag competitor and you have no motor just a week before your next event? Well, if you’re the kind of person who wins races and makes friends, you make a few calls and borrow a new block.

  Comments | By - July 7, 2017

Who Wants a Free Mustang Keychain?

We 3D-printed some keychains for fun, and now we are giving them away to you.

  Comments | By - June 12, 2017

ASSHATM: American Society to Stop Hate Against the Mustang

Thanks to the ASSHATM, the good-guy Mustang owners can use this scale to judge the potential for a meme-worthy crash, and take steps to stop the offending Mustang owner before they end up flipped over in a hedge.

  Comments | By - December 28, 2016

Mustang Shelby GT350 to Survive 2018 Refresh

The 2018 GT350 won’t get the refreshed new visuals, but the mighty Mustang lives to drive another day.

  Comments | By - December 27, 2016

“Driver Mod” Improves Lap Times, Reduces Burnout-Related Accidents

If someone you know has trouble keeping their Mustang on the road, perhaps this “Driver Mod” will help.

  Comments | By - December 19, 2016

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