Barn Find 1989 Fox Body Possibly the Rarest in the World

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No one knows how many of these stripper 41X Mustangs were actually made, making their rarity near infinite. 

When you think of barn finds, you probably think of things like old school Cobra Jets and other rare vintage Mustangs. But these days, even the more recent Fox Body Mustang is becoming a coveted collectible. This is especially true when you’re talking about the lighter coupe body styles, many of which were clapped out after years of drag racing. And that makes a factory lightweight “41X” Foxbody like this incredible find from Youtuber Jerry Heasley even more special.

The desirable find is just one of many old cars sitting in, of all places, an old boiler room owned by a guy named Lewis Lukanc. Heasley had already done a feature on Lukanc’s ’69 Super Cobra Jet a few years back. But Lukanc is also a huge fan of Fox Body Mustangs in general, currently owning several of them. The holy grail of which is this fascinating 1989 5.0-liter, five-speed coupe. And it comes from an interesting past.

Fox Body Mustang 41X

“I purchased this from the original owner who was a Ford employee,” Lukanc explained. “And he was connected with Ford Performance, Shelby American, and all these different organizations. And he was told of this code that he was able to order that stripped everything off of the car. You weren’t even able to get any options with it. And it was a 41X. It’s taken some investigative work to find out what’s going on with that code. The closest I’ve found is the 41C, which is the competition prep SVO.”

Fox Body Mustang 41X

With just 2,234 original miles, there’s no telling just how rare this incredible Fox Body actually is. But there certainly aren’t many of them, nor are there many NOS parts floating around for them. And we’d bet that a few decades from now, they’ll be every bit as desirable as something like that old Super Cobra Jet!

Fox Body Mustang 41X

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