Fantastically-clean K-Code Mustang Heads to Auction

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Award Winning 1964.5 Mustang Coupe with K-Code option.

Award-winning first-gen 1964.5 coupe will make any avid car collector salivate.

When production for the Ford Mustang started, it was a rush to get the prototype models to market after it was used as the Indianapolis pace car of 1964. The rise in status before the car was even for sale at dealers created a desirability Ford was keen to cash in on. Then, in 1965, they made enough changes for the earlier version to be coined as the 1964 1/2 or 1964.5 Mustang. This remarkable coupe model we came across on Bring a Trailer is one of them.

What caught our eye here is three important things. First, is that it’s a 1964.5 model which is a rarity in itself, but it also has the K-Code option installed from the factory. The K-Code engines were first offered in June of 1964 for the 1965 model as an upgrade, but first appeared in Ford’s Fairlane and Comet models a few years earlier. It’s a 289 cubic-inch high-performance V8 engine that you’ll often see referred to as “Hi-Po.” It was a significant upgrade over the hardtop models 260 cubic-inch V8 and took horsepower from 210 up to a very respectable 271.

Award Winning 1964.5 Mustang Coupe with K-Code option.

The K-Code option wasn’t just for the engine in the Mustang at that time. It also included a Special Handling Package and 6.95 x 14 dual-red-stripe tires. Early K-Code Mustangs came only with four-speed manuals, and the drivetrain also included Ford’s tough 9-inch differential that was designated specifically for high output engines in their passenger car models. Both front and rear suspension was beefed up, a thicker front sway bar, and a reduced steering ratio.

The K-Code option makes a very collectible early Mustang even more collectible. Which brings us to the third thing that caught our eye. That fact that it’s been with its original owner for so long, and kept to a level where it won several awards, including gold at the MCA Grand National in 2013.

Award Winning 1964.5 Mustang Coupe with K-Code option.

The original owner says, “After 55 years, it is a really hard decision to let her go, but I have had a great run with my Horse and hope the new owner will give her as much love and care as I have….80 Years old and need to find a great home.”

To us, a Mustang being owned from new for so long before being passed on to a new owner to carry the torch makes this Mustang something very special indeed.

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