Best Wife Ever Buys Mustang Forums Member a Killer Foxbody

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Foxbody Mustang

Clearly, this guy has been one heck of a good father and husband for his wife to surprise him with such a clean Fox.

There’s lucky, and then there’s lucky. Most of us have saved up our pennies and scraped together enough cash to bring home our dream Mustang. And that’s good enough for us. But Mustang Forums member Sleeper_GT didn’t have to go through that long and painful process. In what might be the most jealousy-invoking power move ever, he was gifted this killer Foxbody Mustang for simply being a good father and husband. Heck, how hard can that be?

“Best wife ever! She bought me this 1989 Foxbody Mustang for Father’s Day. She showed up yesterday.”

Foxbody Mustang

Makes you wonder what you’ve been doing wrong all these years, right? We mean, this isn’t some kind of beater project car. It’s clearly been built right, with perfect paint and one of the most sanitary engine bays you’ll ever lay eyes on. This is a car that somebody clearly sunk a bunch of money into.


“My buddy had all the receipts from the build. I’m going through everything to educate myself. Car is awesome and completely modded out. I love it!”

As you might imagine, this little gift of Mustang has pretty much everyone green with envy, too.

“Damn, looks like its in great shape,” said 99GTvert.

“Good find!” added snakespit.

“Very nice. Perfect condition. Gotta love that sound, too,” said DubfromGA.

“I love that sound, too bad axle back mufflers can’t sound like that,” added proeagles.


We certainly agree. There’s just something about a cammed 5.0 that sounds like nothing else. And this one clearly has a lumpy stick in the block, because it sounds like an old school muscle car.

It’s going to be hard to top, but we’d like to know – have you ever received a Mustang as a gift? If so, head over here and show it off. And even if you had to buy your car with your own hard-earned money, be sure and share it with us anyway!

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