Chrome Fox Body is More Than a Pretty Face

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Marcus Slater
Mustang Forums

Most of the attention was on the newer Mustangs this year, but that doesn’t mean that the venerable fox body was overlooked completely. We saw this one customized by Creations in Chrome at SEMA right next to the grave digger monster truck. And, from the look of that wide body kit and matching tires, we’d say that it fits right in.

The thing about Creations in Chrome is that their name would lead you to believe that all they do is make things pretty. When in fact, their show cars are genuinely built to race. A few months back they brought their 2011 Mustang Show car to the Mojave Mile and ran it at 182 mph. From the looks of it they’re not messing around with this fox body either. I mean check out the size of that intercooler! And the size of the supercharger, geez.

So yeah, you’d be forgiven for assuming this shiny Mustang is just another SEMA showcar. But in reality, everything about this thing screams race car. I’d be curious to see how it runs down the quarter mile. Hopefully Creations in Chrome will oblige us with video like they did last year.

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