Classic Mustang Trailer Loading Disaster

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This ’65 Fastback Meets a Terrible Fate While Preparing for Transport

Trailers serve to transport your car from one place to another. Enclosed trailers are designed to do the job while protecting your car from the ravages of weather, thieves, stone chips, and everything else. It’s like a cocoon for your car, a way to provide peace of mind while carefully moving your beloved machine from one place to another.

So imagine the irony of loading your beloved classic 1965 Mustang fastback onto a trailer, only to have the unimaginable happen in the process. The video above, which seems to have been filmed and uploaded by the car’s owner, implores us to avoid hiring the transport company responsible for the mishap.

It’s obvious from his high-visibility vest that that the driver is NOT the owner. While attempting to load in, he gives the Mustang too much throttle, causing wheel slip. This results in the car’s right quarter panel smashing into the side of the trailer.

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We can’t even begin to comprehend the owner’s horror. It’s clear that he had a reason to be filming in the first place. We can only imagine what went on after the video was abruptly stopped.

Furthermore, the video’s description shares the story of the driver leaving with the car and then disappearing. There’s a lot more to the story, obviously. Hopefully we see more updates soon.

The Mustang in question is a 1965, looking very smart with black painted bumpers, charcoal and red striping, and larger-diameter aftermarket wheels. It’s clear from the audio that the car has a stout engine, and what we’re assuming is a pretty stiff clutch, as evidenced by the driver’s difficulty with the car. But still, you’re a pro, man. Come on!

Have you ever experienced a similar disaster? How do you transport your Mustang to avoid such mishaps?

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